Give the gift of Mulberry Silk and be loved for ever!

Welcome to our gift guide. Here we give our ideas for presents that will put you in your loved ones good books for a long time to come... 

Here at The Ethical Silk Company, we know the joy (and let's be honest, at times stress) of wanting to give a dearly loved person something that will shout 'I've given this gift lots of thought' and bring delight! Over the years, we have been told countless times how our collections of Mulberry Silk sleep, loungewear, accessories and bedding make the most perfect gift. Thoughtful and timeless, lasting for years to come. 

We have a myriad of gorgeous pieces for you to choose from... 

Our pillowcases make such an excellent gift for men, women, girls and boys alike! We were delighted when Good Housekeeping named ours as the best sustainable silk pillowcase of 2023.  Sleeping on our pillowcases keeps hair and skin moisture rich. Unlike cotton, Mulberry Silk, the highest quality of silk, does not absorb moisture from your skin & hair. It also reduces hair breakage and lessens frizzy 'bed hair' -  and that is always a good thing!  Mulberry Silk is also a natural temperature regulator meaning that sleeps are sweet and sound! 

Our pyjamas, pajamas, pj's, jammies... whatever name you choose, are classics and appeal to all ages... available for him and her, her and her, him and him and for one and all! Incredibly comfortable and will add a touch of class and magic to lazy weekend mornings. Staying in glamour!

Match with one of our absolutely glorious robes and wrap your loved one in the sheer delight of Mulberry Silk. Our robes will last for many years and our customers have told us that they see theirs becoming a 'heritage piece', as it gets passed down for other generations to enjoy.  

For the explorer and traveller, we recommend our eye masks as seen in Italian Vogue. Perfect for popping in hand luggage to whip out on on long haul flights to grab some restful sleep. Each one comes in a very sweet Mulberry Silk drawstring pouch, ensuring that the mask stays fresh and clean. One of our customers told us that they also use the pouch to store their hair bands in whilst travelling. Perfect!   

For the Christmas baby and new parent, our new mum (or dad!) baby set is absolutely wonderful. Our cot sheets are perfect for little ones to sleep on, and can be used by mum as a shawl if they prefer to be more discreet whilst breast feeding. As babies become toddlers, their cot sheet can turn into a much loved 'comforter' that can be cuddled at bedtime for years to come. Priceless and to answer the all important question - yes, our cot sheets are robust and washable!

For those who have flown to warmer climes for the season or live permanently in the more sunny regions of the globe (not at all envious...), we have them covered (scantily but oh so gorgeous!) in the form of our camisole sets - definitely not just for bed. Our customers have been known to wear theirs pool side, to team the camisole with trousers (pants!) or skirts, and the shorts with a cute little white t-shirt. An adaptable gift! 

Our classic nightdresses are beautifully sophisticated and guaranteed to give the 'wow factor' as it is unwrapped on Christmas morning. Whether worn as a nightdress or as an underslip/petticoat, like all our pieces, it will be enjoyed  season after season. 

It's a wrap (or scarf!) - a gift that one can't go wrong with. So beautifully soft made from eco Mulberry Silk and a natural ivory colour, containing no horrid dyes. When travelling, if it gets a little creased, hang it in the bathroom when taking a shower and the creases vanish. 

We can't end our guide without mentioning our gift cards. Give your loved one the gift of choice and the thrill of browsing through our online store at their leisure. Why not suggest that you pour them glass of wine, cup of tea (whatever their drink of choice), as they settle down to shop? 

We hope you find something you know that your loved one with absolutely adore in our collections. As an additional resource, we have put together the art of buying the perfect gift. Hope it helps a little. 

Learn more about our story here. 

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