Caring for Your Mulberry Silk

How to look after and wash your mulberry silk:

Machine wash on delicate cycle with mild detergent (*Leh Sapphire items are DRY CLEAN ONLY).

Handwash using lukewarm water and mild detergent. Do not soak, scrub or wring.

For best results iron from damp, on reverse, using low setting. Trust us - it gives the nicest finish and is the handiest way to dry.

Wash like colours together or wash separately.

As our silk is a unique mulberry silk with a unique production, we do not find the special silk detergents give a great finish. We prefer to use gentle non-biological detergent. 

Some detergents can cause the colour to fade somewhat over time as is the nature with natural fabrics.

Silk can be dry cleaned.

With block printing, prints soften beautifully through use. 

Silk dries very quickly. Hang to dry, out of direct sunlight.

Tumble dry not recommended (or needed as silk dries so quickly).

Like all natural fabrics, there can be a slight contracting of the silk after washing which relaxes out when ironed.