The art of buying the perfect gift

The art of gifting

We have all been there - you have a gift to buy for a special occasion for a dearly loved one but you are all out of ideas... our guide is here to help you.

Although, before we launch into it - we want to give our top tip! Order or buy your gift within plenty of time to allow for any delays that might occur along the way... it will save you that awful feeling and stress of being on a very tight deadline and wondering if the present will make it on time. Again, we have all been there! 

What to consider...

What are their hobbies and interests? A gift that aligns with their passions shows that you have taken a keen interest in their likes and dislikes.

Their needs. Think about what may make their life easier and more comfortable. A practical gift shows thought and is often very well received.

Go for quality over quantity. It's preferable to choose a high-quality piece over a couple of pieces of inferior quality and less durable.

Personalise your gift. This is a great one - maybe a monogram or slip a note in with an 'in joke', or a message about how much you love the person.

This is an important one... what is the occasion? For a birthday, you may want to give a gift that symbolises celebration, yet a romantic gift may be just the ticket if it's for an anniversary. 

Their personality. Are they adventurous, do they love downtime, are they sentimental? Thinking about their personality and reflecting this in your gift is a wonderful way to show the recipient how much you care. 

Above all the thought that goes into buying gifts for loved ones matters so much more than the gift itself. It's wonderful to have that feeling of not being able to wait to see your loved ones' faces as they open their gift. That is absolutely priceless and a gift for you as well!

Enjoy the gift-buying season and visit our website to browse through our collections of luxurious Mulberry Silk sleep and loungewear collections - a perfect gift for anyone. 

Photo credit:  Sarah Pflug (Burst)


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