Our Story

For years I have been enjoying sleeping on silk. Growing up, my mother always slept with a silk scarf on her pillow and encouraged my sister and I to do the same as it was so good for our skin and hair. I quickly fell in love with this natural fabric and decided to explore the idea of making mulberry silk pillowcases and baby cot sheets, going on to grow the team and expand into luxury loungewear and accessories.

Looking for an alternative to traditional silk that has a shiny finish, I found a particular mulberry silk production, made in India, that extracts the silk from the cocoon after the moth has left the cocoon. It is not a wild silk as all mulberry silk is farmed through a production known as sericulture. The result of the production is a beautifully rich mulberry silk (momme weight 19) which, because of the particular way it is produced, is more like a fine linen with a beautiful matte lustre rather than the shiny finish of traditional silk.

Embracing this natural fabric, our products combine a love for quality goods and sustainable practices as luxury and practicality are celebrated and embodied.



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Mehera Shaw