Why Silk Pillowcases Are Perfect For Your Hair


Silk pillowcases aren't a new fad, but they've become increasingly popular in recent years, gaining traction in the beauty and health industries and credited with giving smooth, lustrous hair and wrinkle-free, soft skin.

The qualities of silk
Silk has been utilised for a number of purposes for thousands of years. It contains natural protein and 18 essential amino acids. Silk also contains natural cellular albumen which speeds up the metabolism of skin cells therefore reducing the onset of wrinkles. 

What silk can  do for your hair
According to experts, the benefits of a silk pillowcase are greatest for hair because silk can assist hair in maintaining moisture from products and natural oils while reducing the friction that can create knots and breakage. It's especially useful for curly or natural hair, which is more prone to breakage than straight hair.

1. So long Bed Head
Because of all the tossing and turning we do during the night, we all occasionally wake up with our hair bursting on top of our heads. As it does not conduct static electricity, sleeping on a mulberry silk pillowcase helps reduce hair breakage and waking up in the morning with 'bed head'.

2. It's Allergy-Friendly
Over time, most types of pillowcases gather a significant amount of dust, bacteria, and fungi, which inevitably transfer onto our faces when we go to bed. The natural fibres of silk, on the other hand, are hypoallergenic, making it more resistant to the collection of mould, dirt, and other allergens that could be causing your skin problems.

3. When it's hot or cold, it's fantastic.
Forget about attempting to find the correct side of the pillow all of the time. You don't have to worry about being too hot or chilly when you use a silk pillowcase. Silk is a naturally temperature-regulating and breathable fabric that feels great regardless of the season. Sleeping on silk helps the body retain heat in cold weather while excess heat is expelled in warm weather, helping your body maintain a comfortable, natural temperature. This proves to be especially beneficial for those who's temperature fluctuates at night with night sweats. 

4. Silk over cotton.
Unlike cotton, a mulberry silk pillowcase does not draw moisture away from your skin and hair, but encourages a proper moisture balance, while it's extremely smooth and soft texture proves to be beneficial for those with sensitive skin conditions (e.g. Eczema). It also does not absorb a nightly moisturiser or cream, allowing them to do their job on your skin, as they are meant to.

We keep our mulberry silk pillowcases and the reverse of our eye masks (the side that is next to your eyes) its natural, undyed ivory color so it is kinder to your skin and hair and is as natural as possible.

A silk pillowcase could be the game-changer in the beauty routine you've been looking for. Just like anti-snore pillows that have helped to reduce snoring to some extent, sleeping on silk will allow your night cream do its job on your skin while reducing waking up with ‘bed hair’. 

Treat yourself to one and enjoy some much deserved beauty rest.

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