Hurrah! The Ethical Silk Company has come to the UK!

We now have a home in London, UK!

Before we shout loudly about our arrival in the UK, it's really important that we begin by saying, we are still trading from our beloved Ireland and have absolutely no plans to leave! Our being in the UK is us spreading our Ethical Silk wings and not a relocation. 

Our little office in South London...

So, The Ethical Silk Company is nicely settled in our sweet little office and warehouse in the heart of London (South London to be precise). We couldn't be happier and more excited. 

Our UK Launch Collection 

Our UK Launch Collection is sitting so beautifully on our website for delicious delving into! From ethically produced Mulberry Silk robes, to tops and pyjamas, we are just over the moon to be able to offer our wonderful Mulberry Silk pieces to our customers both throughout the UK. 

The heart of our story and passion remains the same

Whether in London, Dublin or anywhere around the globe for that matter, our story will never change... our luxury and high quality Mulberry Silk Collections will always be made from cruelty free, and eco friendly silk.  Each piece is lovinngly and expertly made by skilled tailors and artisans in India to fair trade standards, ensuring that no-one loses out in our production process and everyone is treated fairly. Anything else is just not an option for us. 

The UK is a great new home for us

As we begin this new chapter of our story, we have plans to get out and about to spread the word about our Mulberry Silk collections of sleepwear, loungewear, accessories and bedding. Plans are afoot to meet our customers face to face over the coming months and years, and details will be posted on our website about where to find us - so do keep your eye out.

London, we love you and thank you for welcoming the Ethical Silk Company so warmly and let's get our Mulberry Silk collections from Lands End to John o' Groats and to the furthest reaches of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Hurray!

We could not be any happier to be in the UK!

Check out our UK Launch Collection here.



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