Sleeping in silk pyjamas - keeping cool during these sticky Summer nights

As the Summer temperatures soar and the nights are heating up considerably, it is getting harder and harder to get a good night sleep. All windows are open which gives some relief, but the early morning birds (seagulls in my case, and lots of them) are starting to wake up at a ridiculous hour which leads to the inevitable shutting of windows plunging the bedroom into a sauna like existence.

A fan or aircon would be nice, so nice. But as lots of our homes are not equipped to deal with the hot weather we are experiencing this Summer, there has to be other tips for cooling down during the hot nights.

Cue our mulberry silk sleepwear. Silk is a lightweight and breathable natural fabric, making it the ideal material for sleeping in. It is a natural temperature regulator that is cooling in warm weather and warms you up in cold weather making it the most comfortable of fabrics for sleeping. As our silk is machine washable, it is particularly handy and a quick iron from damp leaves it dry and ready for the night ahead. Our silk slips, silk shorties and camisole and short sets are your new best friend when it comes to getting the extra zzzzzs. Printed by hand using the artisan craft of blockprinting, our products are designed in Ireland and tailored in a Fairtrade tailoring unit in India. 

Mulberry Silk Pyjamas

Treat yourself or a loved one and enjoy a dreamier sleep during these warmer nights. We have 30% off our Summer Sleepwear for an extra sweetness.


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