Indulge in Elegance: Discover the Ultimate Women's Silk Pyjamas in Ireland


Indulge in the serene embrace of luxury with The Ethical Silk Co.'s exquisite collection of Women's Silk Pyjamas, a testament to the harmonious blend of comfort, elegance, and ethical craftsmanship. Crafted from the finest Mulberry silk, these pyjamas are not merely sleepwear but a luxury experience, promising unparalleled softness, breathability, and a gentle touch on the skin, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

The Ethical Silk Co.: A Legacy of Luxury and Responsibility

Founded by the visionary Eva in Dublin, The Ethical Silk Co. has evolved from a single idea inspired by the lifelong benefits of sleeping on silk, shared by Eva's mother, into a beacon of ethical fashion. The company's journey, enriched by the collective passion of likeminded businesswomen - Banke, Shola, Fritha, and Margaret, reflects a deep commitment to sustainable, high-quality, and ethically produced silk fashion​​.

The Allure of Mulberry Silk Pyjamas

The collection's cornerstone, Mulberry silk, renowned for its durability and exceptional softness, offers a unique combination of breathability and hypoallergenic properties, making it the epitome of sleepwear luxury. Distinct from other fabrics, Mulberry silk retains its sheen and texture, promising a timeless elegance that transcends seasonal trends​​.

Ethical Elegance: Our Promise to You

At the heart of The Ethical Silk Co. lies a steadfast commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability. Conscious of the growing demand for responsibly produced fashion in Ireland, the company ensures that its Mulberry silk is procured following strict ethical standards, thereby supporting not only environmental sustainability but also the well-being of its artisans​​.

A Symphony of Design and Comfort

Designed with the discerning tastes of our Irish clientele in mind, each piece marries the timeless allure of silk with the comfort of contemporary design. Our patrons often share how the luxurious feel of our pyjamas transforms their sleep into an indulgent retreat, a testament to the meticulous attention to detail in every stitch​​.

The Health and Beauty Companion

Beyond their luxurious feel, silk pyjamas offer significant health and beauty advantages. The smooth texture of silk minimizes friction, reducing hair breakage and skin irritation, making it a recommended choice by dermatologists for its gentle touch, especially for sensitive skin​​.

Caring for Your Mulberry Silk Treasure

To preserve the exquisite quality of your Mulberry silk pyjamas, we advocate for gentle care. Hand washing or a delicate machine cycle is recommended to maintain their lustrous sheen and softness, ensuring that your silk sleepwear remains a cherished part of your nighttime ritual​​.

Discover the Collection of Women’s Silk Pyjamas

Dive into the luxurious realm of The Ethical Silk Co.'s Women's Silk Pyjamas and experience the ultimate in sleepwear luxury. From the elegant "Mulberry Silk Pyjamas in Natural Ivory with Navy Detail" to the vibrant "Kochi Pink" and serene "Andaman Green", each piece invites you to embrace the night in comfort and style​​.

Embrace the luxurious comfort and ethical elegance of The Ethical Silk Co.'s Women's Silk Pyjamas. Explore our collection and transform your sleep experience. Discover your perfect pair now.

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