All Wrapped Up And Ready For Gifting

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you are looking for unique gift ideas for the ones you love, there is nothing more thoughtful than the gift of silk. Especially when that gift comes packaged beautifully and ready for gifting! Here is The Ethical Silk Company’s guide to the perfect gifts, delivered straight to your door.

Gifts for her
If you’re uncertain of sizing or it’s hard to choose what print your favorite lady would like, we recommend our mulberry silk scarf as an excellent introduction to the beauty and feel of mulberry silk. Wrapping this beauty around their neck, she will immediately experience the quality and simple sophistication of silk. Perfect for mums and grannies too – its heat regulating properties make our silk scarves an ideal practical gift for those who feel the cold!

Gifts for a new Mum and baby
With its numerous uses, our 100% mulberry silk cot sheet is the perfect welcome to the world; for a new baby. A mulberry silk eye mask will help Mum make the most of those precious hours of sleep. The cot sheet is the natural (undyed) ivory colour. Numerous uses include using as a swaddle, sheet for Moses basket / cot and a breathable, lightweight cover in hot weather - a true Gift for Life.

New Mums can enjoy a wonderful night's sleep with our mulberry silk eyemask. 100% eco-friendly mulberry silk on front & reverse with organic cotton filling for extra padded comfort, our eye masks are ideal for use at home and while traveling. 

A unique gift for your fashionista friend
We are so delighted with our newest product, our silk-sleeved top. 100% mulberry silk, French-seamed with stitch details at the sleeve trim, available in natural (undyed) ivory, lunar grey, coral/teal and grey/teal combinations. It’s the year-round perfect top for comfort, style and elegance. 

Gifts for him
Him? Really? You’ll be surprised to learn that our best selling product is our silk pillowcase, and many of our customers are male. Hot flushes and night sweats are often linked solely with females, but in reality men get night sweats too, for a range of reasons. And while sleeping on a silk pillowcase will not cure these conditions, male customers regularly feedback to us that using our silk pillowcases give them a far more comfortable night’s sleep. That’s because silk is a natural thermo-regulator, keeping you warm in cold weather, and cooling you down when it’s hot.

We’ve had many a skeptical male customer becoming one-men ambassadors for silk pillowcases, recommending them to friends who have similar sleep problems. If you have a partner, relative or friend who suffers with this condition (honestly you might be surprised if you ask them the question), a silk pillowcase is your only man!

Gifts for that special someone
It’s the ultimate ‘Christmas Wrapping’ for that most special of people – you! Feel the sheer comfort of being wrapped in silk and lounging around in style this Christmas with a 100% silk robe from The Ethical Silk Company. Happy Christmas, you know you deserve it! 

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