Silk Pillowcases and Other Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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I can usually go either way when it comes to traditions but there are some that can really make a person feel special when some thought goes into them. Wedding anniversaries are a chance to take some time out from your busy lives to acknowledge the time you’ve had together. Anniversary gifts certainly don’t have to be expensive, and I find the different anniversary gifts by year a really lovely way to get something thoughtful for your loved one without having to get something extravagant, just for the sake of it.

Here’s our pick of a few of the years gifts:

1st Year : Paper
A book or journal. Choosing a book for your loved one - whether it is fact or fiction or about one of their interests, really shows you’ve taken the time to think about them.

2nd Year : Cotton
Bed sheets. A beautiful bedroom starts with lovely bedding. Your bedroom is a space for the two of you and taking the time to make it comfortable creates a beautiful space to wake up in.

6th Year : Candy
Who doesn’t love chocolate? There are so many amazing chocolate brands with every type of flavour so finding the right one, that is also Fairtrade, is easy and extremely rewarding when you are both cuddled up with a movie, a cuppa and some delicious chocolate treats.

8th Year : Pottery
A beautiful mug is a firm favourite of mine when it comes to gifts. They are used every day and by taking the time to pick a beautiful one that is right for your partner (thin lipped or a chunking rim?) means it will be endlessly enjoyed. Every time a cup of tea or coffee is enjoyed, your partner will be reminded of your love. 

12th Year : Silk
Our very own favourite. Our mulberry silk pillowcase is a beautiful gift for that someone special. It brings a touch of luxury to the everyday as your loved one uses it every night for its numerous benefits. It is a practical gift, kind to skin and hair, that can be enjoyed night after night to help reduce hair breakage and look after your skin. As silk is temperature regulating it leads to a more comfortable night’s sleep and we all want that for our loved one.

Here's a list of each year, so you're never in doubt!

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