Mulberry silk pillowcases and other thoughtful gifts for a special wedding couple

The last two years have been really tough on engaged couples wanting to get married and start their lives together who found their plans put on hold. The dream of their ‘big day’ was, for a huge number of couples, very up in the air as government guidelines around the pandemic restrictions chopped and changed. It wasn’t solely the government rules. There was also the concern that even given the go ahead that crowds could gather, did you feel comfortable bringing so many people together? For many, the dream of a big wedding, surrounded by family and friends was put aside for a smaller wedding or else the decision was made to put the wedding on hold altogether. 

Smaller weddings were embraced and thoroughly enjoyed with some couples happier in the more relaxed outcome. Other couples decided to wait, preferring to hold off until they can have their wedding the way they had originally planned. It’s safe to say that this Spring and Summer will be times of celebrations, as families get to see each other and the option to travel internationally is now back. This year will bring many friends and families together to enjoy their celebrations together. 

We get a lot of people looking for thoughtful wedding gifts for a couple looking to start their lives together. The day of the department store shopping list seems to have passed and guests are now looking for special gifts for the wedding couple.

Wedding rings

We’ve put together a list of special gifts for a wedding couple as they start their lives together

1) Gift voucher for a special restaurant

I know, vouchers may not be the most romantic of gifts but a voucher for a special meal means the couple will take some time out for each other to go on a date. It will be an evening they will remember, especially if it is for somewhere new or a high end establishment that they may not have felt able to justify visiting previously (as they were saving hard for the wedding itself)

2) An experience

Again with the vouchers! Hear me out. A voucher to experience something different could introduce something entirely new to a new couple, it could be lessons like surfing or even wine or whiskey tasting or a cookery workshop. We all see experiential lessons advertised but it can be rare that we actually book it for ourselves, it goes on the long finger or is put aside in favour of more practical things you need to buy

3) Bedding

There is nothing nicer than having nice bedding. It is far more enjoyable getting into a nicely made bed with beautiful natural bedding and it inevitably leads to a far nicer and restful sleep. We are big fans of organic cotton and bamboo bed sheets and for a touch of luxury, our mulberry silk pillowcases are widely popular are wedding gifts. They offer a touch of luxury, that someone may not feel justified buying for themselves and they make the most practical gifts to be used for years to come. Our sleeping beauty gift sets comprise of mulberry silk pillowcases and eye masks, the perfect travel companions for a couple that may be jetting off on their honeymoon. 

4) A painting or print

This is a tricky one as buying art for people is so personal but if you nail it, it becomes a much cherished item that the couple can hang in their home and look at each day.

5) A day out

Perhaps as the gift giver you are equally friends with both of the wedding couple and treating them to a day out or tickets to a show is something you can enjoy going to together. It means having a date to look forward to and a night out in the diary that you can all enjoy together.

Have a look at our Sleeping Beauty Gift Sets of our mulberry silk pillowcases and eye masks and treat the Happy Couple to the best sleep of their lives ;)

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